Saturday, 14 October 2017

Selston v Clifton AW. Not our best day!

Selston FC 0-A-0 Clifton AW

League: East Midlands Counties 
Venue : The Parish
Admission: £4.00/ £2.00

Selston – Ball, Farnsworth, Jones, Marriott, Davis, Waldram, Gregory, B. Moore, Layton, Airy, C. Moore. Subs: Cooke, Hackett, Hempshall, Widdowson, Renshaw

Clifton AW – Harvey, Smith, Hardie, Reid, Miles, O’Rafferty, Brown, Anderson, Shannon-Lewis, Large, Seymour. Subs: Walton, Kennerdale.

We were looking forward to this game, as we’ve not been to the Parish for a while. As it transpired my decision to select this particular game was proven to be something of a disastrous error!

Could have done Eastwood (8-1), Pinxton (9-1) – we actually ended up with an abandoned game at Selston, and despite catching all of the second half at Hucknall Town, their three goals against Teversal Res were all scored in the first half!

We received our usual warm welcome from everyone at the Parish, and made our way to the far side of the pitch. Took a look at the Clifton line-up and it looked to be very good starting eleven – many of their players are well known in the Nottinghamshire game, and knowing the Selston players as well as we do, thought the game would be competitive. How right we were! Both teams created chances as the half progressed, but some of the Selston players were becoming frustrated at how easily their opposition players were “falling” over. The Referee, Will Murray, his assistants, Miles McKinlay and Corey Simpson were all unsure whether some of the actions were simulation or genuine fouls.  On one occasion this lead to an on-pitch meeting between the officials – something I’ve not seen too often, if ever at all. Very young officials – not sure how experienced they are, but there was an “observer” present and his report should be an interesting read – not that they get published, of course! 

After the officials conflab, the game continued for a few minutes, but then Clifton’s Goran Seymour saw a straight red – no idea why – I wasn’t paying attention! Seymour should have walked to the dressing rooms but instead made his way to the Clifton dugout. The game restarted, but then there was an uncalled for reaction to a Selston challenge in mid-field - and from this innocuous tackle it all went tits-up! Seymour by this time had begun his walk of shame to the dressing rooms, but had a “chat” to some of the Selston faithful on the way! 

After the challenge, everyone began shoving and pushing each other and gobbing off! It really reminded me a bit of my schooldays, hours spent watching the “daft lads”(sorry, Kev) in the playground chase each other and calling each other names! Trouble is that these were allegedly “grown men”, and should have known better. Ok, I know any form of abuse isn’t acceptable in these PC days, but it has become, unfortunately, an integral part of the game, so laugh it off and get on with the game – win the game and then laugh again! That hurts more. 

Believe me, I have no idea and no real interest in what anyone said to anyone else, except one Clifton player calling Selston committee member Adam Gregory a “fat b*****d” on several occasions!

Anyway – the Referee called his assistants back onto the field for another conflab, and after sending off Clifton’s sub Nikki Kennerdale and Theo Smith along with Selston’s Perry Marriott, he decided he wasn’t able to deal with the players’ indiscipline and duly abandoned the game. Marriott was amazed that the officials had selected him out of all the Selston players, to receive a red. All he did was pull Sean Gregory out of the scrum in the centre-circle. That red will need to be rescinded! 

Had a quick chat to Clifton manager James “Tosh” Turner as we walked towards the exit – not about the game – we were in agreement that it was about time “ontheroad” paid another visit to the Norman Archer memorial ground – not been for a while!

Before I get comments and questions, please note that I am not taking sides, or blaming anyone in particular for what we saw at this game., Kev and I are both football people and our love of the game is well known throughout our circle of friends, and we have good friends involved with both today's teams. I can't wait for the rematch - midweek under the new Selston lights please - one to look forward to!!

Anyway – a quick fly through Annesley and a quick park up at the Watnall Road home of Hucknall Town saw us get there just in time for the start of the second half. The Yellows were 3-0 up before the break – and as the game ended 3-0,  it meant that all in all we didn’t see a single bloody goal! Still,  we are allowing the three goals to count towards the Think Children charity fund – along with a quid for the 0-A-0 !