Sunday, 24 December 2017


Before the 2017-18 football season began, Kev and I had decided that we would like to raise funds for a local children’s charity but we really wanted it to be one that was aimed at the younger age group – and THINK CHILDREN on Albert Street in Newark fitted the bill perfectly. We both have young grandchildren,,and although it is hoped we will never be in need of the charity’s services, it’s nice to know that there is help available if needed.

Think Children offer one-on-one counselling to children between the ages of 4-11 years, who have emerging social, emotional or behavioural issues. The charity has local sporting stars Patrick Bamford (Middlesborough FC) and Shona McCallin MBE (GB Olympic hockey gold medallist) as patrons.

We started out with a £300.00 target for the whole 2017-18 season, but have already exceeded that target by a long way. With 170 games covered and 728 goals notched up, the actual goal fund total is now well over the £200.00 mark. Kev and I decided at the outset that we would not ask for contributions – but word gets around and we soon realised that even without asking, the people in our football “family” were only too pleased to offer their help, and so far we have received donations totalling £211.00! At the Christmas break the charity fund stands at £434.40! 

Getting 170 games in before Christmas has been great fun (mostly!), but we all know what January and February can offer weather-wise. If the worst comes to the worst, four to five games per week may not be possible during those months, but the aim is to take in as many games as is humanly possible, and to try and take the fund total to somewhere near the £600.00 mark by the end of the season. 

Many thanks to the following members of our football “family” for their generous contributions:-

Alan Bird, 
Pete Chappell, 
Andy Clerke, 
Chris Dent (R.I.P), 
Sharon Dent, 
Adam Gregory, 
John Harris, 
Rob Hornby, 
Kimberley MW AFC, 
Kimberley MW, 
Richard Lane, 
Michael Leatherland, 
Maurice McFarland, 
James Needham, 
Nick Palmer, 
Steve Reading, 
Jamie Renshaw, 
Andy Saunders, 
Lewis Saxby, 
Selston FC, 
Richard Smith, 
Rob Waite, 
Ash Ward.

I do hope I haven't missed anyone off the list - please message me on twitter if I have, and I will amend the list asap.

In the mean-time - I'd like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas - but remember, it starts all over again for some on Boxing day!!!!