Friday, 28 July 2017

On The Road will be supporting a local charity in season 2017-18

After a couple of previous successful attempts at fund-raising for specific charities (2010-2011 aptcoo and 2014-2015 maggies), the “ontheroad” crew (myself and Kev!) have decided once again to donate a sum of money for each goal we see on our travels in this coming season, to a local, deserving charity. With Kev being recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, my initial idea was to raise funds for Parkinsons’s UK, but Kev thought that a children’s charity would be a great idea, and maybe look at Parkinson’s UK in the near future. 

Last season, I watched watched 285 games with a tally of over 1300 goals seen. Hopefully, with midweek afternoon games and Sunday games, I reckon that this coming season I should be able to get to over 250 games again, with hopefully around 1,000 goals seen. I have retired so can take in many more games than Kev, who obviously with health worries and family and work commitments cannot possibly get to all the games, but has agreed to donate anyway. The format will be me and Kev chucking in £0.30 per goal between us and – well, you do the sums. Any goal-less games will see us add £1.00 to the pot – we only had five last season and long may that trend continue.

This is not a begging exercise, and we're not trying to buy a place in heaven! We will never ask for contributions – we are just a couple of ordinary blokes wanting to do our bit, and with so many people asking if we are still supporting charities, we thought it may be time to give it another go. 

We have decided on the charity we are hoping to give to - we just need to cross a few t’s and dot a few i’s before it can be 100% confirmed. The charity has a couple of well known sporting patrons and should (I hope) benefit from any publicity, however limited, that “ontheroad” can provide. 

Rob Hornby is already doing such a superb job raising funds via his blog, so we don’t expect our football loving friends to dip their hands in their pockets again, but I can assure you that any contributions will not be turned away.